Very quick question from a pattern.....>>>>

CO 31.

(it then says to slip the first st of every row…QUESTION: does that include the very first row where it just reads Row 1: K all stitches?)

That’s all I need to know. Need to bring a portable project to work tomorrow.

Thanks so much!


I’m not sure it would matter; you could try it both ways to see if it does.

I was thinking it might not make a difference, either. Heck, it’s just one st on one row.

Thanks! I think I’ll slip it anyway and see how it goes.


I would say go ahead and slip it. The purpose of slipping the first stitch of every row is to make a nice clean chain edge. By slipping the first stitch, it gets worked a row higher than it originally sat on and stretches the edge just enough to make it look clean and not loose.