Very OT: Need Haircut Advice

Well, ok, I don’t actually need the advice, I’m a big boy. More like I would appreciate the input from you ladies.

I normally don’t cut my hair during the Winter months as it gives me some extra insulation while working out in the cold. But hey, knit hats are nice and warm right?

Right now my hair is a bit on the shaggy side. I am parked for the remainder of the day and over night at a truck stop that has a barber shop. I am debating on whether to cut my hair or not.

As I have a full beard, maybe letting my hair grow long enough to tie back in a pony tail wouldn’t be so bad. I used to wear it that way in my 20s (my old biker days). But now I’m 45. Would that look dumb on a guy my age?

I am undecided about letting it grow or cutting it short. What do you ladies think? Do you prefer shorter hair on a man or longer? Does his age make a difference?

My dad has a full beard also, and I MUCH prefer his hair when he has it shorter. It’s not buzzed or anything, but he’s definitely not shaggy by any stretch of the imagination.

So my vote is for shorter hair rather than long. :thumbsup:

I like shorter hair too… :teehee:

Ok, that’s two votes against the middle aged hippie look :rofl:


I vote for the short haircut.

And I agree with meearnol…not a buzz cut, just short.

But what do you like and think looks the best on you, Mason?

There comes a point when pony tails just don’t work for guys. :shrug:

I think you can go with whatever you want, long or short! The only question I think is if you are losing your hair. Sometimes long hair show bald spots more for some reason.

Long hair doesn’t look dumb at all, at any age! At least not for me. In any case, self-confidence is often what makes the difference between “looking good” or “looking stupid”. :teehee:

Warning: highly opinionated thoughts here… I’m just stating my personal preferences and don’t intend to offend anyone…

Honestly, I think very few men can pull off the ponytail look. I think long hair can look good on a man if it’s worn down, neatly trimmed (i.e., not straggly) and simply styled (all one length is good – no mullets). It must be thick and healthy; otherwise it can look like the guy is trying to compensate for balding (this can be exacerbated by the dreaded ponytail). Most of what I said can be applied to women too. I just don’t like anything too fussy, I guess.

I think that for you, something medium-length and tousled would look good. Sort of casual and carefree but not too neglected looking… :blush: of course now that I look at your picture again, that’s kind of what it’s like already, isn’t it? Well, I don’t know how old that photo is; maybe it’s longer now. But something close to what’s in the pic would be fine… you could even go a tad bid longer and muss it up a bit more. Something like Beethoven’s hair…

There is still a part of me that likes the long hair look. That is left over from my 80s hair band days. However there is a point where hair loss or fried ends does ruin it. Phil Collins and Michael Bolton are two very good examples of both…lol. Both looked MUCH better after they moved on (well Phil still doesn’t look good but that’s a whole different thing.)

As it is, I am mostly over the long hair but if you do it, don’t do it if you are losin’ the hair and make sure you keep it trimmed so the ends don’t look like hay! :smiley:

My boyfriend has a beard most of the time (I like that). I like him with hair that is on the shorter side and trimmed neatly when he has the beard especially. It looks better that way IMHO. That way the beard is sort of evened out by the short hair.

my question is, when did pony tails EVER work for guys? :rofl:

My vote is for shorter. I am not a fan of buzz cuts and I hate when my fiance gets them. But if he was to keep his hair the length I like he’d have to get a teeny tiny trim every week. lol.

hmmm, interesting input.

While I am not balding…yet, it is thinning a bit up top, which is something to consider.

As for the pic, my hair is pretty close to what you see in the pic. That one was taken just about a year ago after letting my hair grow during the Winter just as this year. Hair and beard are both just about like the pic now.

As for a tousled look, that’s pretty much normal for my hair and it’s hard to make it look any other way :rofl:

I’m honestly not sure it makes all that much difference as I wear some sort of hat most of the time anyway. I’m just curious what women think with regard to men’s hair these days.

As long as a guy isn’t growing his hair to hide balding, I don’t care what he does with it. Some guys look better with different hair-styles than others, but my main criteria is no combovers, and no growing hair out when you have a bald spot. If you do, cut it real short or just shave it. Show’s over, do it with grace.

(Of course, this does not apply to my brother, who generally looks like he has greasy cobwebs on his head. He looks SO MUCH BETTER with a crew cut but he’s a wannabe hippie and so he grows it stupid.)

I think you’d look better with short hair, especially if you shave the beard for the summer months. But it’s your hair. We demand pictures either way. :rofl:

I vote for going on the shorter side…

Happy cutting! :slight_smile:

Yuck :ick: I can’t stand those stupid ponytails!! Not that it probably wouldn’t look good on you, but then again I really don’t know what you look like. Anyway, I’m not a fan of the biker look. I say cut it short. Heck my DH has had a shaved head for as long as I’ve known him, before it was fashionable.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I like short hair on men. I’m not a big fan of the male pony tale, but there are a few guys out there that can pull it off.

I vote for getting it chopped off! :rofl:

My hubbo had long hair (like 12+ inches) for years and years, pretty much since I met him almost 20 years ago. He’s a biker too, so it was just the “thing” for him to wear it in a ponytail with his leathers. He looked hot, IMHO. But a couple years ago I just got over it, and kept asking him when he was gonna step out of the 80’s and join the rest of us. He cut his hair short, and has kept it short ever since. And I think he looks hotter now than he ever did.

Consider me another vote for short hair.

My vote is for short… especially if you wear a hat. When it’s long it peeks out from the hat on the sides, and you have worse hat head when you take the hat off. (Gross!) And older men with thinning-on-top hair should definitely not have it long. It seems too much like compensation.
Of course it is a very rare occasion for me to like long hair on any man. Shaggy hair on guys drives me nuts, and it is all the rage right now, especially with the younger crowd. My 16 year-old stepson knows to not come around me with shaggy hair, as I am a “clippers-in-the-night” kind of person. Just my opinion, of course.


I vote for short. :smiley: If I didn’t look absolutely hideous without long hair I’d cut all of mine off!

For the record, I vote for short. But go with what YOU like the best.

If you cut it shorter, post a pict! Let us see if we were right in our advice. :teehee: