Very OT but SOOOOO Funny!

OK so yesterday I got one of those email scams saying I won a car from the Toyota lottery. Well I showed it to my network admin husband and he wanted to reply. He was so creative with what he said, it’s very funny, of course none of it is correct. They wanted my personal infomation. But here’s what we gave them.

Dear Andrew,
Me and my husband(who was recently locked up for robbing a federal arms depository.) are so excited to hear that we have won this fabulous prize. Below you will find my contact information. I very much look forward to hearing from you and to arrange pickup of this wonderful car. It is what me and my husband need to flee to Mexico or possibly the Caribbean.(of course we would have to sell the car to fly there. You can’t drive a car to the Caribbean…lol) I wonder if you could expedite delivery of the vehicle ASAP. I am willing to provide any information that you request. Unfortuntly since my husbands incarceration I have not had a mailing address, is it ok if I give you his?

1)Mae Faith Merritt

2)Care Of Vicinit Gambini
Prisonor Number: 569-23-4659
United States Penitentiary
1300 Metropolitan Avenue
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048

3)Nationality: Italian

  1. 37

  2. Female

  3. Homemaker(Currently without a home. I’m typing this at a library while I’m researching my husband’s up coming case)

  4. I’m not sure of Leavenworth’s fax number…but their phone number is:(913) 682-8700 You can talk to my husband there.

  5. Present Country is United States, but because of legal problems I hope not for long.

I’m so excite and I look forward to hearing from you and Toyota regarding the prius. Question though do you think it can handle a couple of gun shots? The only reason I ask is the last car was a Honda accord and the federal marshal’s only shot it once and it stop dead. I really would like to see how the prius would do on the open road. What do you think the top speed is?

Thank you ever so much you are like a prayer that has been answered.

Mae Faith Merritt

I hope you all laughed as much as we did.

Very funny… I got that same email. A Toyota Prius. But in England… I live in Texas… I wish I had been as creative in my answer, but alas, I just hit the delete button.

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I wish I could be that creative in responses to scams like that!!!
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Very nice, but I would advise against opening spam, let alone answering. It verifies that they found a real email address, which can open you to more spam. (Must resist urge to run around office singing Monty Python’s spam song now)


This is going to my junk email account, the one I give out to places that I don’t really know if they will sell it, so they can sign me up for all ths spam they want, I expect it there! LOL! In fact that’s about all I get there, but I have never gotten anything like this before.

My dh said that we are also distracting him from targeting someone that might fall victim to his scam and it’s a lot of fun!!!

That’s cool, then. I’d just hate to see your inbox clogged with spams and scams. I don’t ever open things unless I recognize the name/email address, even on my “junk” account. Which doesn’t get that much spam considering how often I give it out…I think it’s because hotmail thinks I live in NZ, and spammers target US and UK addresses.

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Wouldn’t it be great if they replied to you?!
Very creative, btw.

Julie, he did! I got an email on who I should contact next today. We’re going to send another to them and see how long we can string them along. Kinda fun scamming the scammer.

They think they’ve got you hook, line and sinker. Maybe they will eventually ask your advice for leaving the country, since they’re scammers?

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