Very OT: 3D Linux Desktop - For The Geeks

As I’ve had some down time while recovering from this back injury and haven’t been able to sit up long enough to knit properly I’ve been playing around with setting up a cutting edge 3D desktop graphical system. I really like the results.

I made a few screenshots. While they don’t show all of the cool special effects they do show how I have my four desktop screens set up on a 3 dimensional cube. I can move from one working screen to another by simply rotating the cube with my mouse. When I get to the side of the cube I want it then zooms in as the desktop screen.

As a geek I think it’s pretty cool. If you’re not a geek you probably won’t. LOL


ohhh, that is cool!!!

I have a friend who has rotating desktops on his MacBook (running OSX10, obviously) and I’m crazy jealous. I have to see if I can get it on mine. :teehee:

ha, that’s awesome. ooo…lala. I like I like :cheering: :happydance:

I only clicked on one of the pics, but my husband has had this running on our computer for a little while now. What flavor of Linux do you use? We’re on Gentoo I believe.

I’m running Slackware Linux.

Beryl/xgl or Compiz have been around a little while, but I’ve not bothered to try it out until now.

I’ve used Gentoo in the past, but always come back to Slackware for the stability and reliability. Gentoo is one of a few I would rank along with Slack as a top notch distro. (Assuming of course that the person who built/installed it knew what they were doing :rofl: )

hahah very true! My husband knows what he is doing… me on the other hand? Well… :rofl:

:rofl: As long as one of you do.

Oh my word…that is just tooooo cool! I don’t know anything about Linux or computer stuff, but I do like geeky stuff as a rule. :teehee:

If you wanna see what it can really do just search “beryl” on youtube. The screenshots just don’t do justice to the special effects it adds to the desktop and there are some videos there that show it in action.