Very old FO

I don’t really know why I have kept this except to remind myself that I can knit large items. This is a sweater I made for my husband about 42 years ago when we lived in England. In those days without central heating, we needed wool sweaters. I have no idea what kind of yarn it was and I certainly wouldn’t choose these colors now.

Wow, you did a great job!

Which just goes to show, anything worth knitting is worth knitting in natural fibrs. 42 years old and look new!!

Nice job!

I like those colors!! :wink: Can’t believe that sweater is 42 years old. Wow!!!

That is a wonderful piece of work Sue . If i knitted that , i am sure i would keep it too. It still looks like new :slight_smile:

wow! great job! that is AWESOME! :woot:

Can he still wear it? :slight_smile: That style never seems old. Very nice work.

Incredible Sue! It looks like you just knit that yesterday. Does he still wear it? Nice job!!!

Thanks everyone. No he hasn’t worn the sweater for years. He probably never did wear it that much one we moved to Canada. He really isn’t a sweater wearer anymore.

It looks wonderful! I’m so glad you still have it. :yay:

My grandmother knit when my mom was little…now she just crochets but she made my grandfather a sweater that mom remebers…but they have no idea where it’s at…I’d love to see it…

Just the inspiration I needed today! I am hoping to finish my first two sweater projects this winter. I started both of them years ago. They are wool like yours.

Yours is really is very well done.

Sue, the colors are great, and if you wait a few more years, they’ll ‘come back’ again.

My DH still wears a bathrobe that I made for him 15 years ago :aww: I need to make him a new one.

That looks great! I actually like the colors… :inlove:

That’s one long-lasting sweater!

Viva el inspiration. I kinda of like the colors; sorta geek chic, the V-neckline upgrades it from a regular rib or circular neckline.

Wow…it still looks great. Nice work!

I think the colors are very nice! Very pretty.

LOL-well, I like it!! Beautifully done, and its cool that you still have it! I wish I kept the first things I knit (only a few years ago). If only to see that I’ve improved :teehee: