Very Novice Beginner Needs Help With Extremely Elementary Project

Hi there,

I received a kid’s knitting project in a gift bag. It’s the Knit Fun Gold Fish and it is meant for small children. The problem is that I’ve never done any crafts before and I am so confused. :blush:

The instructions are absolutely terrible. They are grey-scale images with no text.

It’s one of those round plastic loom projects if that gives you an idea of what I am tackling.

I guess I came here to inquire if I shared the instructions with someone, could they describe it in more sense to me? I would have to upload the image.

I found a video on youtube that shows the basics of ‘french knitting’ using a similar loom but again, the instructions are confusing.

I am upset about all of this because I wanted to start a small project to get “the feel” and then join a proper knitting class.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you. :star:

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Although the fabric produced is similar, loom knitting is quite different from hand knitting. If you’d like to learn knitting with needles or join a class, I’d say go ahead and do that. I’m not sure that the loom is going to help all that much.
There are good beginner videos available here and online for knitting techniques:

I also found this video which may be for the loom that you have.

You can give the loom another try or put it away for now and try some light colored yarn and about size 8 needles.

I agree with Salmonmac. Loom knitting is different. If you want to learn to knit then check some videos/tutorials on 2 needle knitting and if you have a yarn store with beginner classes try those as well.

Hi, thank you both for your replies.

I should have made myself clearer. I know loom knitting and standard knitting are quite different. I wanted an idea of what I am tackling is because I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and my hands don’t work as well as I’d like! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the links! If all goes well, I will definitely move on to proper knitting.