Very newbie questions

I am quite new to knitting, I have been attempting to teach myself to knit for a little over a year, but have gotten frustrated and quit trying on several different occcasions, I picked up my needles and yarn again this past week, and thanks to finding this site I have had success!!! :woohoo: I have been practicing knitting and purling all week long, and reading and researching lots of techniques. I purchased a pattern that I am anxious to try but do have a few questions… I appreciate any and all input that you seasoned knitters can offer me and many thanks in advance for your help!!

  1. How do you change yarn colors in the middle of a project??

  2. How do you change needle sizes in the middle of a project?? Do you carefully remove the completed work and stitches from the needle and slide the new size in?? Or can you just work the completed stitches off the old needle (left needle) but use the new needle size in your right hand and then switch out the left needle when completed with that row?

  3. Holding the needles and yarn has been an issue with me. I feel like I am holding it wrong and it seems awkward at times. Is there a right way and wrong way to hold the needles/yarn?? Do you have to have the yarn wrapped around your fingers for tension at all time? Sometimes I feel like my stitches are too loose and is there a way to correct that??

I have tried the search option to find answers to these questions, but didnt find what I was looking for, so I apologize if these questions have recently been covered.

Thanks so much!!

I’m glad you are finding success at last!! Have you looked at the free videos that are on this site? They might help you with the issues you are having about how to hold the yarn. Are you learning to knit holding the yarn in your right or left hand? It is a little different in each case. I can knit either way and I find it more important to hold the yarn a “certain” way when I knit with the yarn in my left hand.

When you say you want to change colors in the middle of the project what do you have in mind, stripes or something like that that just changes the color along the edge, or are you adding a color for some stranded work? For either of those I just start knitting with the new color and drop the old color. Leave a nice tail of the added color and the old one, if you are ready to cut it off, so you can work them in when you are done. If you are doing a color block in the middle of another color, for instance if you wanted to add a flower of pink completely surrounded with white, you would be using intarsia. You would just start knitting with the new color for that too, but there is a little more to know.

To change the needle sizes, for instance after a ribbing, you just start knitting with the new needle, like you said in your second senario.

Thank you :mrgreen: