Very new & would like to do more

:hug: hello everyone, i’m new to this site and also a new knitter…i’ve only just got scarves down but i love knitting very much…and since i’ve knitted everyone i know a scarf already i’d love to be able to do some handbags/purses but of all the patterns i’ve seen on here, they seem too advanced so if anyone has any simple but nice patterns please let me know thank u very much…

Welcome! I love making purses and really if you can knit scarves you can figure out just about everything else on here and we love to help! I think this one was the first one i made. You get to knit in the round (my favorite thing…lol)…pick up stitches (there’s a video on here and it is super easy)…and FELTING!!

Seeeeeeeeeriously it is super easy I promise (besides loook how [size=6]cute[/size] it is!

[color=green][/color] :shrug: thank u so much for your reply and i love the bag but i’m scared too death of it cause i only know how to pearl and to knit i don’t know how to knit in the round… :oops: but i’m dying to learn… maybe with help on here i can learn …thank u so much again

oooh you can do it! there is a great video on here that I learned from. you can doooooooo eeeeeeeeet! :thumbsup:

[color=red][/color] :hug: thanks so much for having faith in me i will try and willl post back on my progress or lack of… lol…thanks again

once you start knitting with circular needles, you never go back…
i have millions of straight needles that just sit there…

watch Amy’s video…its really easy!

and post if you have more questions! :happydance:

Do you have a local Yarn Shop that offers classes? Thats how I learned how to knit socks. Good luck!

Knit and purl is how you do all knitting, everything is just a combination of those two stitches. Knitting in the round just uses a different kind of needle is all.


:muah: thank u all for so many replies this is really a great place…u r all so very kind and caring…i will try circular, i watched the video but need to purchase some needles now…i’m so excited i would love to do some nice purses for christmas gifts…thanks again

You can do whatever! All you need to know is knit and purl. Try something daring! Jump in! Trust me, you’ll learn everything you need to know by doing something you don’t think you can do!

I am new to posting here too, but been knitting for almost a year now. I wanted to let you know that a bag was my very next project after a few garter stitch scarves. It really wasn’t a big jump, I promise! I am the most cautious knitter ever, very afraid of new things, and I handled it just fine!

I know you’ll do great!

[color=red][/color]if u don’t mind and if u have it could u let me know the pattern of the first bag u did? i’m dying to try and have printed off one pattern that a very nice lady sent me and i’m going to try, probably with alot of questions for u guys…lol…but thank u…

I did the famous Booga Bag, free pattern shown here

It was so easy and a very fast knit. It is all knitting, no purling, and since you felt it if your stitches are still a little inconsistent they won’t show. The only new concept, besides circular knitting which is really easy, was picking up stitches. There is a video on this site showing you how to do it I think, and it is very easy too.

There are lots of pictures of finished Booga Bags in the finished objects forum here.

Good luck!