Very new to knitting!

Hello everyone!
I’m Gemma and i’m very very new to knitting.

My friend gave a lesson the other weekend so i can now manage a cast on, a knit stitch, a pearl stitch and a cast off! yey!

I made myself a little square of knitting and sewed it together and made a phone sock.

Now I have the knitting bug is there any suggestions on what to do next? Something that will be usefull but nice and easy.

I love looking at all the lovely patterns but they all look far too far out of my league at the moment!

Welcome to knitting and KH! You’ve made a terrific start. You have the basics necessary for so many things, even some sweaters. There are purses, scarves, iPad covers dishcloths and towels that are simple rectangles and great practice pieces too. If you learn increasing and decreasing, there are lots of sweater patterns for you. (You can see several ways to increase and decrease on the Free Videos tab at the top of the page.)
Here are two sites with simple patterns for example:

Here’s some other sites that have lots of patterns for all sorts of items -

I am fairly new to knitting as well and began with a simple pair of slippershttp://

This is a fairly simple slipper pattern. I made several and then progressed to a simple cotton washcloth pattern with 1 yarn over increase per row which later changed to 1 decrease per row. patternhttp://
I knitted a waffle pattern wash cloth as well.

I am now happy to say I am doing quite well with a simple cable knit scarf. I am using a nicer mercerized wool blend which is so easy to knit with. http://

I can’t wait to learn more!

my must have put the link in wrong as pages don’t come up. I will try again

yes, these pages come up fine, I just checked

Thanks for the pattern. I was trying to figure out how to sew up a slipper and this did the trick!

I love the slippers pattern - they look so cosy! I have been keeping an eye out for a simple slippers pattern and this looks like just the thing, so I have favourited it and am looking forward to knitting it sometime.


You can’t go wrong with a scarf. I’ve made many, many scarves since I taught myself to knit. Try experimenting with ribbing (knit 2 purl 2), or seed stitch. Personally seed stitch (alternating between knit & purl over and over again) is a little annoying!!

I’d recommend the book Stitch n Bitch by Debbie Stoller. It was (and is) my knitting bible, although the internet is a good source too. I like the book because it’ll teach you how to increase/decrease, and then provide a simple pattern to practice with. I found it easy to learn.

Thanks soooooo much for that slipper pattern!! I’ve been looking for something to make for everyone in my family for Christmas and this might just be what I’m looking for!!!


With some of the slippers I folded the top over to make a cuff. They look a bit nicer like that I have found. My daughter prefers them like the pattern though