VERY new to knitting please help

Today is my first day learning how to knit. I feel quite dumb asking this. I skimmed through some of the topics but I couldn’t find an answer. If someone could explain to me what to do after casting I would be very grateful. I looked at the videos (perhaps I missed one?) but they all seem like the knitting was already started. Right now I am just getting used to casting and I would like to know where I start after that. I am sure this question was asked before so please forgive me for the repeat. If someone could kindly tell me what to do or point me in the right direction like to a topic or other help material I would appreciate it very much. Thanks for your time everyone!

There are no dumb questions, here!

So now that you have casted on, let’s say 20 sts, you now have 20 loops on your needle, right? So just start knitting, like you see in the “knit stitch” video, here on this site. For each stitch, you just insert the right needle into the loop on the left one and follow the video instructions. In general, when you knit (or purl), you are inserting the right needle into the loop on the left needle. When you cast on, you’re just creating the first row of loops on what will become your left needle.

Try it and if that doesn’t make sense, ask again! That’s what everyone is here for!:hug:

There’s a video on the Tips page - Demo of a Small Project. That takes you all the way through casting on, knitting a few rows and casting/binding off. That should help you.

I agree with Sue, the demo should help a LOT. :thumbsup:

Thank you for the help and video suggestion. I guess I did miss that video. I can’t believe how its tricky for myself. ha. All you knitters are very talented. Now I have my fiance on board to learn how to knit. haha.

Yay! Men knitting rocks. :slight_smile:

I read somewhere that it was originally men who use to knit, they apprenticeships teaching men how to knit and then women took over (I forgot why) and it became even more popular with the advent of metal needles because they were easier to use and did not break…something along those lines …

I never knew that BabyBooties!

It is so funny watching him try. He gets this look of extreme concentration on his face. And he also feels the need to tighten the yarn so hard! I told him you don’t need it that tight. I guess he is trying to throw in some of his “manly” touch lol :slight_smile:

Videos ROCK. It would have been SOOOO much easier to learn if we’d had them forty years ago!

I’m with Sandy on this, too: there are no dumb questions here. We’ve heard about every question there could be about getting started…mainly because most of us were here or somewhere like it, mouse in one hand, tangle of yarn and needles in the other, saying “Uh…now what?” Just wait a couple of months and you’ll be the first one to answer when someone says “I just started, and what does this mean?”:grphug: