Very New Knitter needs advice/moral support

Hello everyone! I just started learning to knit about 6 weeks ago, and after spending a few weeks trying just the cast ons, I finally upgraded to actual knitting (but for some reason, I can only knit using the single cast on!) My products are rather ugly (tangles, slipped stiches), but I’m still proud of them! My specific questions are:

-when I hold my finished products to the light, I can see pinpoints of light through parts, but not all, of the stitched piece. This is a result of my tension, right? Is it terrible that it happens?

-When knitting the first row, I always find it impossible to knit the slip knot- the knot simply refuses to move, and I have to remove the stitch from my needle and pull the knot out, resulted in a truncated corner. Is there some way to avoid this?

-Somehow both of the very end stitches are always loose, resulting in some odd looking edges. What am I doing wrong?

-Finally, am I an embarassment to knitting? Was it like this for everyone here? I’ve been looking at everyone’s questions, and everyone is asking about patterns and such, and I can barely cast on 15 and stitch knit stitches! I really enjoy knitting, and I’m excited to try patterns and everything, but I worry that I’m horrible at this!
Sorry for the long post, everyone!

Welcome to the club! I think everyone goes through that, and the only cure is practice. I’ll leave it to others to answer your specific questions, but hang in there. It is soooooooooooooooooo worth it!

well done for practicing your cast ons - i didnt and so only know one maybe i should do somthing about that :slight_smile:

the tension thing will come with practice, but is also to do with how you hold the yarn while you knit. theres a thread somewhere here about how to hold the yarn which explains it all realy well.

Imn only a new knitter myself so cant help much beyond that but carry and have fun :slight_smile:

I admire your patience and practicing. i cant do it, im much more of a ‘jump in head first’ learner and learn as i go instead of practicing and learning techniques first - which i probably should, it would certainly cost me a lot less in yarn :teehee:

Like the others said, even stitches and tension come with practice. So do it! Gives you an excuse to knit more.

I’ve heard that the slip knot (it is a true slip knot?) should have the loose, `slippy’ end on the tail, so you can adjust the tension on it. If it doesn’t move, you mave have yanked the knot itself too tightly, or actually doing another kind of knot.

End stitches are notorious for being loose. I thought there was a sticky for this topic, but it usually comes up once a week or so. Do a search in the How To and/or General forums for `end stitch’. There’s several ways to remedy this.

Finally, yes, everyone was was like this in the beginning. Like I said, practice, practice, practice! :hug:


welcome- you are doing just fine! I think your questions were answered above… do double check your slip-knot technique. it shouldn’t be that tight. even tension etc comes with practice. and you will be amazed how quickly you get better if you keep at it. Amy’s videos have been a huge help for me- I understand better if I see the instructions. MKZ

Just wanted to say welcome :waving:

You will get tons of great help and encouragement on this site!


If it helps at all, I was once like this too. I think most of us started out wondering how we’d EVER be able to follow a pattern, or make a sweater, or anything even resembling a finished garment. But rest assured it does happen with practice. I personally started out doing scarves in garter stitch (knit every row). After I mastered a few of those, I then moved on to other things. I reccommend getting Stitch N’ Bitch (the book) as it really helped me when I was learning!

Also (for me) chunky yarns and thicker needles helped me start out. Doing those tiny stitches with itty bitty needles only frustrated me. Chunky yarns knit up quicker and it isn’t as noticeable if you make a mistake. Just keep practicing and have faith! You’ll get there! :slight_smile:

Oh yes, larger needles will help you see the stitches better. I recommend at least 10s which can be used on worsted weight yarn. Chunky yarn on that size is pretty stiff.



I’m a noob too… Cut yourself some slack as you’ve only been at it 6 weeks. I started a class IRL in January and I’ve barely touched the surface. I’m always too hard on myself too, but everyone starts somewhere. :hug:

I should probably learn another cast on too… :??

Anyway, here’s more moral support!

Thank you all so much for replying! :hug:
As I said, I’ve only been at it 6 weeks, but I’m already in love and addicted!
I have been learning solely from this site and books (i have three more on the way!), and not knowing any knitters IRL, I have to admit I was a little worried!
Thank you all so much for your support and advice! I can’t wait for the day I offer advice to a newbie just like me!