Very new beginner needs help with socks

I have never knit before. I’m trying to learn to knit socks by watching YouTube tutorial. I purchased a basic pattern and have completed up to the heel. I tried the heel that wss recommended and I find the wraps very hard. I found a tutorial for a Japanese short row heel that I want to try but it didn’t say what to do after that. Do I just go back to knitting in the round for the ankle up?

First and most important, your sock looks terrific! Nice knitting, good colors and good fit.
Japanese short rows are a fine substitute. I always use a different short row no matter what the pattern recommends. Once the heel is finished, the pattern should tell you what the next step is. Eventually you will start knitting with all the sts again to complete the ankle and leg.

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Thank you… However, I’ve had to start over again. I messed up on the heel. What heel do you think is the easiest?. I’ve tried short rows with wraps and messed it up also.

See if this video helps. You should be able to follow your pattern with short rows (either wrap & turn or Japanese short rows) but you could also use the method shown here. The whole video is good but if you want to go straight to the heel, see 26minutes. See if this helps.

There is also a technique called an afterthought heel which might be easier to work.

IMO the easiest heel doesn’t involve stand short row turns at all. The Fleegle heel works well for me and is easily adapted to any number of stitches. She gives numbers for a gusset increase that you can use and just follow the directions. You can use any increase you like if you decide to make a gusset. There is also a video if you decide to use this method that shows how the turns are done.
Fleegle’s Toe-Up No-Flap, No-Hassle Sock Pattern
KnitFreedom | Socks | Heels - No-Holes Fleegle Heel for Toe-Up Socks

Your knitting is lovely. Tackling socks is brave and when you finish you will know you’ve really accomplished something. It’s not so much that socks are hard but there is so much you’ve learned when you’re done. Keep up the great work! and more photos are always appreciated.

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Thank you so much!. I love this heel.




Beautiful! You done great!!!