Very new at this

I’ve just started a new project, a Slytherin scarf (I’d link the pattern I’m using but I’m at school and don’t know where my mom found the pattern.) It’s 23 cast-on stiches with 30 rows of MC and 30 rows of CC.

I’m using Caron Simply soft in Sage Green and Grey Heather.

Now, I’m on row 23 of the first block, and here comes the confusion, I’ve got no clue how to switch colors.
I’ve googled it and looked through the help threads and all I’ve gotten is more confused.

Help? :smiley:

Are you knitting or crocheting? The only patterns I can find for that particular scarf are crochet. If knitting, here are a couple videos that shows how to change colors.

I’m knitting, sorry I didn’t specify!

Thank you so much <3 I’ll have to check them out when I get home.

Is this just a simple work back and forth on straight needles type of scarf? If so, and I understand this is just a striped scarf, all I do to start a new color is to start knitting with it. Some people do things like tie the yarns together, etc. but I just take the new color, on a right side row and begin knitting with it. You can cut the first color leaving a good tail to work in. The first stitch or two will seem loose, but when you pull on tails they tighten up and I just wait until I’m done and pull the edge stitches into position and then work the tails into their own colors.

Yea it is, just green and silver blocks.

Thank you, MerigoldwinWA c:
I’ll have totry that.