Very long narrow handle- sideways?

I’ve made a small bag to pop in my big handbag so when I’m out shopping I can just take my purse and keys (couldn’t find one I liked so I’ve knitted one) and leave my always-heavy handbag in the car. It’s very basic, just a rectangular box really.
I’m now on to the handle and want a very long narrow non stretchy crossbody type.
I thought of an icord or flat icord but I know the constant switching hands will drive me mad.
Could I cast on as many stitches as I can fit onto my needles and knit say 5 rows of seed stitch (I’m thinking that wont be too stretchy) or would the cast on row look too different to the bind off row?
Also, I’m thinking doing it this way I could add a central row of a different colour.
I’d appreciate thoughts and suggestions before I start.

In my opinion, the I-cord looks the best. Knit for a little while and put it down until the next day if it’s not something you like to do.
Please may I make another suggestion. I put my heavy purse in the locked trunk of my car when I leave it behind.


If you are going to just knit the strap I think there are better choices than seed stitch. I’d consider linen stitch - the WS looks like seed stitch. Have you considered a strap of a non-stretchy material? When I make bags I much prefer to use something that will have minimal stretch. You could do a tube of knitting over a strap of webbing fabric, maybe, but the knitted fabric might stretch in ways you wouldn’t like. If the color of the webbing is OK then you might not need to cover it at all. I cord over cording or rope might be satisfactory to prevent too much stretch if you aren’t too opposed to doing I cord. Personally I think that without something to stabilize the knitted strap you’ll have way, way more stretch than you’ll like.

Webbing fabric search results


I have read linen stitch is firmer, less stretchy as GG said.
I made a sample piece with herringbone stitch which had less stretch and which reminded me of a canvas bag strap. I liked my swatch but have not used it for anything yet.

Maybe try a couple of swatches and see which works best?


Single crochet [in] cotton would have less stretch.

Would [sewing as if to] steek help limit the stretching?
(I don’t sew so I do not know. )


Herringbone stitch might be a better choice. I’ve never used it myself so didn’t even think of it. I do know that linen stitch can be a bear to work unless you use larger needles but larger needles would mean more stretch. I have a case for my original Kindle done in cotton with linen stitch. Making that was long ago but I still remember my hands hurting. There is almost no stretch in that fabric.

I’m picturing myself tripping over a bag with a crossbody strap that stretched and stretched then stretched some more.

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I’m not caffeinated enough I’m sure but what do you mean by single crochet cotton? Sc worked in cotton yarn? I’m confused about the steeking thing too. I know I need more coffee so I’m off to brew it.

Thanks everyone. The bag is knitted in 100% cotton. I like the idea of sewing whatever I do to a band, it makes sense. So not knit it sideways lol? Stupid idea huh?
Constantly turning does my head in and I’m very impatient! I’ll look up those other stitches too.

Stupid idea? NO! Thinking about how to do things means exploring options. I wonder if grosgrain ribbon sewn to your knitted strap would be sturdy enough to hold up under use.

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Oh I think knitting sideways is worth a shot if you can fit enough stitches on the needles. Herringbone would look nice side ways.

I also liked the idea you had of a coloured stripe in the centre.


I would make 3 lots of chains in what colour and then plait them together just to give a different look and it would not stretch. Just an idea

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Do you crochet? Here are some notes I’ve made for myself on the subject.

Japanese braiding aka kumihimo

YouTube crochet strap

Crochet Romanian point lace cord

Thermal or strap stitch

Crochet icord (When she says chain one, she is slip stitching)


Thanks for the great links. Are you familiar with this way of doing I cord? I like it because I never take stitches loose. Crochet Long Tail Foundation Base Chain & Perfect Crochet I-Cord

I’ve never seen that before, but I like it!

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I like the 3 tubes idea, or even just 2 twisted. I’ve started knitting sideways - just because I have to know now haha. But will probably give with the tubes.
I cant crochet unfortunately despite several tries.

That should say ‘go with the tubes’.

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I would suggest a crochet handle. I recently made one for a bag and am impressed by how little it stretches! This was the Dune bag by Two of wands. Essentially, you crochet a chain between the two sides of the bag, and then work a single crochet line around one half of the chain and half the bag top, twice, and then repeat this on the other side of the chain. Hence you make the handle wider or narrower by working more or fewer rounds, and you get a dense non stretchy fabric. Might even look good in a contrast colour!


Sounds great but I can’t crochet unfortunately

That’s something I’ve never seen before, but I like it!

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Well I was a complete beginner and managed to chain and single crochet after a 5 minute YouTube video!!
I use a crochet hook to repair my knitting mistakes and it wasn’t too different from working a provisional cast on!!

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