**very important info for parents, please read**

NP, better safe than sorry. I don’t have any kiddos either, but those balls do seem pretty nasty! They didn’t have them when I was little, but I loved monkey bars too. I was a tomboy.

Our local school board removed all swings…

And play areas that had the wood replaced 5 years ago are being replaced with even more safe play areas! It gets crazy!

I agree, we are too litigious!

Well, I for one am glad that our local city park still has a wood and metal playground…we have several smaller parks as well, but they were all put in at about the same time…and obviously by the same manufacturer. Other than a few variations (placement of swings, colors, maybe different bridges or tunnels) they are the same playground.

But the city park…that’s memorable. For one thing…it’s right by the river (and there is actually a wading/swimming area for the kids). The play place is HUGE and it’s wood and there are swings and THREE (yep, I said THREE) tire swings. It has wood chips on the ground for “safety”…but that just means you can’t wear sandals during the summer. The baseball diamonds are there, and the farmer’s market meets there once a week during the summer.

It’s beautiful. At one point, they even had a large pen with deer in it, but they closed that last year, finally.

It’s awesome…of course, last year there was a warning out because apparently a man was exposing himself to the children :-x , so I don’t go there unless I am going with a group or unless my husband is with me…but it’s the best park. Big open grassy areas to run and scream and play tag…

Wish it was warm enough to go now!