Very Frustrating!

hahaha…Yeah, needless to say, I had noooo idea before we were married just how picky he is! And seriously, it seems he’s worsened over the years! I truly believe some of it stems from his stubborn attitude, plain and simple. I mean when he did eat meat he wouldn’t eat potatoes or beans or anything and I knew that, but he’d actually eat chicken liver! And have the nerve to tell me he refuses to try vegetable based things because they look gross! As if livers look appetizing! LOL! That’s why I think some of it stems from him just being plain 'ol stubborn…If he says he won’t try something, he won’t do it just to prove a point…The jerk :teehee:

LOL! Hmm, what he will eat…Um…He likes pizza! LOL! He’ll eat a lot of the MorningStar and Boca products, like the Boca burgers (any veggie burger with the exception of the Full Circle brand veggie burgers, those aren’t very good), he’ll eat the MorningStar Crumbles, the veggie sausage and bacon, the MorningStar Riblets, Chick Nuggets, and Buffalo Wings…Um…He likes corn and green beans (though we will be having corn with our Thanksgiving dinner)…Um…He likes pasta, pretty much any pasta but the dork refuses to eat angel hair pasta! “The noodles are too thin and don’t taste as good.” What a weirdo…LOL! Um…heh…This is why I loathe having to make dinner and grocery lists, he is impossible…And when asked, he’s no help! He likes cheese…lol…Seriously, that’s about all I can think of that I know for a fact he likes! I swear, the dude is lucky he has many other lovable qualities! :teehee:

HAHA my hubby prefers angel hair and thin spaghetti over fettucinni as he says they taste better !!!:roflhard:
Now I can tell the difference btwn peanut butter brands, but I cannot tell (by taste) the difference btwn pasta shells, rotini, spaghetti or bow ties.
After hearing about your husband I really can’t complain too much about mine. Before we got married he pretty much ate Taco Bell and Bagel Bites. After 3 yrs of marriage he told me the other day that Taco Bell just doesn’t taste that good anymore - that the taco’s and burritos we make at home are better. I almost fell off my chair.

Have you ever made chili with those crumbles? I know it’s not the most traditional Thanksgiving dish, but it sure does taste good! Just put everything that you’d put in regular chili, substituting the crumbles for the meat. Serve it over his favorite pasta.

Unfortunately chili is another thing he refuses to eat, he thinks it looks disgusting…BAH! I love chili! My dad makes this awesome vegetarian chili with chili beans, refried beans, onion, and green pepper, but hubby won’t touch it…He is seriously worse than a child! LOL!

That sounds sooo much like my hubby! Before we were married the only thing he ate was Taco Bell! But, he’s definitely gotten pickier over the years because now he won’t touch Taco Bell unless it’s the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell and he can order a pizza…lol

Good grief!

I thought I had it bad when my husband refused to eat peas because he claims they tried to kill him once. Seriously. He has a phobia since he got choked on a pea from a pot pie.

Other than that though, I have the opposite problem. He’ll eat whatever I make and unless it’s terrible he’ll answer my question about how it was with, “It’s gone, isn’t it?”


:teehee: If peas were the only thing my dear, butt-headed hubby refused to eat, it would be bliss! hahaha

Sorry to hear about your hubby’s phobia…Kind of reminds me of a phobia my sister had…She was scared of Count Chocula and Frankenberry (and refused to eat the cereal) for the longest time because she had a nightmare, when she was a kid, that they were outside of her bedroom window…We also had a really hard time convincing her Count Chocula and Frankenberry do not exist aside from being on the cover of cereal boxes…hahaha

Demonica, what does he eat on regular days? Just bring something he normally eats, don’t worry if it’s not something ‘fancy’. :slight_smile:

Demonica, I would take a steamed veggie that he likes. Simple. If he starves, that is his issue. Put some veggie burgers in your freezer at home and he can eat those later.

Honestly, it is HIS issue and he is welcome to make and bring his own dish. What would he eat if he were single?

My MIL is always encouraging me to pack my husband’s lunch. He doesn’t eat fruit much though he eats plenty of veggies and she tells me, “I used to cut up fruit and put it out for my family.” I tell her, “Patti, he is nearly 40 years old and lived on his own for a long time before I became his wife. He can cut his own fruit if he wants it.” I detect a note of holier than thou in her but I don’t care. I will cut stuff up for the 4 year old but not the 40 year old!

I guess my point is not to worry so much about him. Just go and have a good time!

  1. Baby carrots sauteed in butter (lots of it) then add brown sugar to it and cook the carrots a little longer in the butter/brown sugar mixture. I hate cooked carrots but I will eat these.

  2. What about eggplant parmesan or something like that?

  3. Tell him that you HAVE to bring something, but that HE’S making it so he’ll eat it and he better get his butt into the kitchen. You’ll be happy to go to the store and get him what he needs, but he’s in charge of making it. Maybe then he’ll realize what a task this is and stop being so fussy.

simple solution:

Make him cook.

we have a rule here, “If you dont’ speak up when I ask what you have for ideas when i’m making out the monthly menu then you either eat what i put in front of you or go hungry.”

I’m MOM, not maid, not short order cook :slight_smile:

You’re much nicer than I am, if they don’t like what’s on the table, dinner’s over. Yep, eat it or leave.

However, having said that, a guy we consider to be one of our best friends won’t, can’t, eat tomatoes. Craziness, but I cater to him.

None of us like turkey, so we’re having our son’s FIL’s handmade gnocchi, they’re ethereal, lighter than air, marvelous. He’s making two sauces, I’m making dessert.

Will he eat a squash where you cut it open and bake it then add brown sugar?
What about rice?
Pumpkin Pie??
We always have a vegetarian Thanksgiving too, will he eat a Tofurky? They come in a box with some other fixin’s and you just follow the directions. Not my favorite but my husband and daughter love it.

Not sure about the squash, but definitely rice and pumpkin pie! We were living off of rice burritos for a while there when money was super tight…lol

…so…what did you end up fixing?

lol…Well, I ended up making this stuff called Pickled Mostaccioli…Earlier in the month, I asked my mom if she thought that would be Thanksgiving-ish enough but she said she thought it would be too summery as it’s a cold dish so that’s when I tried finding other recipes…Then, right before Thanksgiving, she found her menu from last year and saw that I brought it then so she then decided it would work…lol…Thank you everyone for the recipes, I’ve added them to my recipe stash!!

Oh, and the Pickled Mostaccioli is: cooked mostaccioli noodles, diced cucumber and onion, salt, pepper, garlic, vinegar, sugar, pimentos, parsley, yellow mustard, and Accent…It’s sooo good…If anyone wants the recipe, let me know!!