Very Frustrating Ordering Experience

I have been trying for 2 weeks now to order two skeins of Malabrigo worsted yarn and one Noni Adventure bag pattern from

It keeps telling me there is an error in processing my PayPal, and when I try other card methods, it says the same thing.

Although the customer service has been extremely kind, I still don’t have what I wanted. And by now, I would have received the package which means that I could be knitting with MMMMMM while waiting for my knitpicks package to arrive with my new dpns and yarn so I can finish my purse and sweater.

It’s so sad, because the selection on that site is wonderful and I was really looking forward to it all.

:hug: that stinks…I Hope they get it worked out soon!!

Does anyone else have the yarn you’re looking for? I like the Ebayer Quality-Fibers - she has Malabrigo. Personally, if someone can’t figure out a way to take my money and send me my yarn, I’d find someone who could. Particularly since it’s Malabrigo.

Have you tried calling them and ordering by phone?

That would make me crazy. I think I’d have tried someplace else. I hope you get your yarny goodness soon.

I did try to order by phone. I was assured that they would take care of it and I would receive an email confirmation.

No email confirmation and no charge to any of the accounts. I called back and emailed…they don’t show the order was ever placed. What’s frustrating is that I wasn’t even dealing with the same reps each time.

It’s so sad…two skeins of malabrigo, and one pattern for three variations on the same purse…for $34.05! Including shipping!

Too good to be true, huh?

Seriously - this is a good source. I ordered some Malabrigo for my swapee in the winter wonderland swap, and got some for myself, too. So if you don’t get to the store with the mmmmm…

I’ve found Malabrigo for ~$9 - 10 (though I know that some places it runs to $12 - $13) and shipping usually runs ~$4 wherever I’ve ordered. So that would make it a $10 - $12 pattern… I think you can find a better deal WITHOUT the ordering headache.

Good luck, though.

why dont you try that?

Is it a problem with the website, or would it be something you need to check with your bank about?

I had an issue awhile back when my card was denied online, and found out my information had been compromised, and the bank and flagged the card. Once we straightened that out, everything was fine. (well, eventually).

Anyway, if you’re sure your card are not having issues, and you’re having this much trouble with that one company, I’d move on and find what I needed elsewhere.