Very frustrated with gauge


I am trying a new preemie pattern, and the gauge says 28 stitches and 36 rows equal 4 in. So, what I have done is co the 28 stitches and knit 36 rows and measured. However, I am not getting 4 inches.

Is this the right way to measure gauge? I have tried 3.25, 3.5, and 3.75 (cause they are the only needles I have right now) and I knit the same and it all comes out too short lengthwise (at 3.5 inches–ALL of them!) Is that normal? The width is ok at 4 in, but it is the length that I am having problems with.

Thanks again

If the pattern tells you to knit for 3 inches, or 5 inches in length instead of knitting for 10 rows, or 20 rows, then I would guess it really doesn’t matter all that much as long as you have the stitches per inch gauge.

You might want to make your swatch bigger than it suggests too, since your co and any curling could affect the measurement. So cast on more stitches and knit a bit longer and then measure out four inches and count the stitches.

Cool!!! Thanks for your suggestions, I will try them and let you know how they come out!!