Very first project?

I’m a knitting newbie and was sent here by a friend. This is a great website and the videos are perfect!

My question is, what is the best beginner project? So far, all I’ve done is practice different stitches. Now I’d like to try to make something, but I’m not sure where to begin. Thanks for any help!

A scarf is a great place to start, simple useful and FAST!!

Thank you! Any particular pattern or just any?

I began with a scarf, but got bored with it eventually. Maybe you should try a hat or a bag, something that won’t be too hard but will give you something that you have to put some effort in.

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Try the pattern tab on this site and also go to You may also like to do dish clothes to practice stitches.

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A garter stitch scarf is usually a good place to start. Once you have the hang of doing the knit stitch then throw in some purl stitches. This may be something you never wear, but learning the stitches is important. I also suggest while you’re at it to learn what the stitches look like. It will help tremendously when you are onto ribbing and more complicated patterns.

The first project I started was a 2x2 ribbed scarf but got bored before finishing it. The second project started, and the first one I actually finished was a pair of socks.

i have made some hats and a scarf. right now i am making my mom a scarf.i think though, i am gonna make it a stitch sampler scarf. lots of change so i dont get bored. i am also making a large bag to be felted. i also finished some baby booties-quick cute and easy! i just started knitting in feb. my next hard project will be Elizabeth Zimmermanns Baby Surprise Sweater. i am nervous about starting it. :pout: do let being new mean you have to keep it too easy! be adventurous :happydance:

I started off making a couple dishclothes, the first is just basic knit stitch, and the second had a pattern (textured square) where there were purls in certain places to make the pattern… it was neat.
Now I’m making a scarf (I’m about a foot along) where I knit and purl following a pattern, and I also have a baby blanket going where it’s just basic knit stitch with the odd yarn over… So I’m learning one thing at a time, as I need them I guess… lol… I haven’t really found the scarf boring yet, but I guess I keep switching between scarf and blanket… After these I would like to try a sweater, or that really cute tank top from interweave knits… Once I actually get a hold of the magazine…

i started out making scarves and lots of dishcloths to practice gauge as well as patterns and techniques. then i tried a baby hoodie. that is probably my biggest project to date. i’m really wanting to co ik’s arwen. but i’m really pretty chicken, too. :wall:

Hmmm… although, did anyone read [color=red]this[/color] in the current Knitty? It has some suggestions for alternative beginner projects to scarves, my first project was a cardigan for my daughter, which I still love, although I had no concept of matching increases and decreases back then. If you’ve practiced different stitches, there is really no limit to your beginner project, even if you make mistakes, that’s the whole point!

the first thing I did was a scarf so I could practice knitting and purling. Then I did a 2x2 rib iPod cozy. I figured it was small enough that I wouldn’t want to poke my eyes out with the monotony of the ribbing and when I was done, I got to practice seaming. Then I just jumped in to hats and sweaters and haven’t looked back!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

My first completed object was a simple scarf, all knit/garter stitch. Nothing fancy, but something to work on & get my hands moving & familiar. I used a chunky wool so I’d see results quicker.

I think my 2nd project I’m going to try either a hat or the Booga Bag. Simple enough, yet different from the scarf.

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LOTS of awesome tips here! Thank you all so much!!