Very first FO

Well, it is pretty basic, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out :wink:

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It may be basic, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. Simple can get you a long way–especially when it’s a multi-color scarf!

Great job on this first project. I hope there will be many more to come!!

Yep, most of the time it’s a successful combination of colours/textures/stitches. And usually a visually rich yarn looks best in a simple stitch. Very well done!

I think it looks terrific. It is great colors, the texture is wonderful and you did a great job!

Congratulations on your first FO - it’s beautiful! :yay:

Wonderful scarf! What is the yarn? It looks great just as you’ve used it, in a simple st pattern.

Thanks for your kind words! The yarn is “I Love This Cotton” #304 Stonewash. Garter stitch on size 8. Cast on 35 and knit until its the length you want :aww:

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The scarf is beautiful, with all that color you don’t need a fancy pattern !

Very well done! One would never know this is a first project…it looks very professional and is a great match for that denim shirt/jacket.

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You should be pleased! It looks great! Congratulations!

Very nice! I like it. :slight_smile: I’m working on my first project (also a scarf), and I can’t wait till I can also point a “very first FO” thread. I haven’t tried the garter stitch yet since mine is stockinette (I think? still learning the terminology) knit in the round. Love how yours came out!

Its a beauty!!
I just would love to have that on my neck, it would go perfect with my black jacket.

Well done. :thumbsup: Wonderful colors.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
Congratulations!!! Looks great!

everyone needs basic pieces in their wardrobe! never apologize for a great basic! and everyone needs to start somewhere - and a scarf is the perfect starter project! you did great!

never apologize for being a beginner or “just learning” = WE ALL DID at some point and we get it! so hurray for you! and keep going! you’ll be a fabulous needle artist in no time!!

[COLOR=Black][SIZE=4][FONT=Comic Sans MS][I]You did a great job! What are you going to work on next? There are so many wonderful things to knit and crochet! How about some fingerless gloves?
Happy Knitting!
Merry :cheering:

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]I love it Ginger![/SIZE][/FONT] :muah:

It really turned out nicely! The stitches are good, and the colors blended in a very pleasing way! Great work!

I’ve been working on the first of at least 2 throw pillow covers. They are a basket weave pattern (so I can train my brain to read a simple pattern). I’ll post a picture when I get the first side of the first one completed. The yarn is a nice Wool-Ease Thick & Quick super bulky in oatmeal. The other side, I’ll try to do in a similar weight, but in a color blend that pulls in the other colors in the room… the goal is to have them be reversable. If I can’t make that work, I’ll still have four units that can make two pillows with matching sides.

I’m still pretty slow, so things take time to take on a recognizable form :teehee: