Very First FO! Baby Gift Set

I am THRILLED :heart: with my very first finished object - a Baby Shower Gift Set for my nephew/niece who are having their first child this fall…I learned a lot doing it (both what I did right, and wrong and had some :think: and :pray: and :wall: and:frog:along the way!) It was knit with double strands of Lion Brand French Vanilla Microspun on size 7 needles (other than the booties - they were done single strand) and the sweater was knit in the round top down. Even learned magic loop for the booties! I adapted the hat/bootie patterns to include the same pattern that was in the sweater to make it more of a “set” Everything has been both machine washed and dried - VERY soft :yay:

Anyway, I would never have made it through without this site so thought I would share! Attaching pictures (first time I’ve done that - so hope the attach correctly). Thanks for being here! Chris

That’s so sweet! You’ve done a fabulous job, what a special gift!

Some little baby is going to be very lucky! It’s an adorable set!

What an adorable set! Everything looks wonderful! Where did you find the pattern for the little bunny ‘lovey’?

I have to agree with other comments…a lovely set. I really like the hat pattern too. Your nephew/niece will be thrilled!

Thanks all! :hug:

The pattern for the woobie was based on the Lion Brand Bunny Blanket Buddy I wanted it to match up with the sweater, etc., so I changed it from all garter stich to borders of 5 garter stitch with the body in stockinette. I put the fiberfill in an old knee high before stuffing the head just to be sure that little fingers wouldn’t be able to pull it out between the stitches. I couldn’t figure out the part of the pattern for the head (knit two pieces) so I knit that portion in the round…Chris

great job! they all look fabulous!

You did a wonderful job on all of it. Is that the 5 Hr. Sweater?? :cheering:

:heart:That is so cute!!! I love it:heart:

Great job!!! They all look perfect!!!

I love it! I’m loving the idea of doing a complete set of baby stuff. My friend is pregnant and I’m trying to think of what to make her, and something like this would be just perfect. I really like how you changed stuff to make it all one cohesive set. Beautiful! :smiley:

Wow! What a wonderful gift you made. You did a very nice job.


Yes, it is the 5 Hour Sweater … of course, it took me a LOT longer than 5 hours :roflhard:

That is AMAZING!!! What a great first FO!!!

Wow! Beautiful!

Thanks everyone!! :lol:

Everything is beautiful!!! :inlove:

Fabo job! That is a lucky baby!


Wowza that is a fantastic set.


Your first FO?:passedout::passedout::passedout: