Very Easy Child's sweater

do I have to hold 2 strands together?

This is the pattern I want to loosely follow for my first attempt at a garment. I’m making the first one for my baby (and if it’s too big, he’ll grow into it, and if it’s too small, a friend just had a baby boy! :teehee: sneaky me :cool:)

BUT, I am making it with cotton instead of wool, and having just glanced over the pattern I only bought 2 skeins. Now I’m home, and under gauge it says 2 strands held together, but then never mentions that again. And it says when you’re at the neck that you’re going to be using 2 separate balls (why I bought 2). And now I’m confused! If I’m only using one, I need to use size 6 needles, I think, to get gauge. But is that because the pattern is for 2 held together? Am I going to be able to make this??

I know you said cotton, but what kind of yarn are you using? The yarn she is suggesting she calls sport weight although I thought Wool Ease was more of a DK/worsted. :think:

To be honest I’m not sure of the answer here. It sounds like you need more yarn if you are going to have to split the neck like that. :shrug:

Here is another of the same sweater in blue, but it’s slightly different at least in the yarn choice.

Another factor besides gauge that you need to consider if you want to make your sweater is yardage. The Wool Ease Sport weight yarn had 435 yards/397 m per skein. So you will need to be able to get gauge and make sure you have enough yarn with the 2 skeins you have.

Wool Ease did come in Sport weight but it’s been discontinued. The gauge was 20 sts and 28 rows for 4"

Thanks so far! I’m using worsted weight cotton (poor me, couldn’t find the LYS, ended up at Hancocks and while they have a ton of fabric, the yarn was 95% acrillic, I see 'net buys in my future!) Back OT - it’s just Lions Brand worsted weight cotton, but at least there are over 200 yards per ball.

The gauge was 20 sts and 28 rows for 4"
Well that is so different from what the pattern says too - how strange!

BUT, since most of the pattern is in inches, and it’s fairly simple, and I’m fine with it either fitting my son, or my friend’s new baby, I think I’m gonna be ok with winging it. Besides, I’ve already discovered that I follow a knit pattern as well as I follow a recipe - it’s a great starting point, but I stray pretty quickly! :wink:

Yes the pattern was written for sportweight, and the cotton is thicker so using 2 strands of the original yarn would be about equal to 1 of the cotton yarn. Figure out your gauge on the needles and it should come out very close to the pattern gauge.

Bear in mind that 100% cotton can do some wonky things when washed/dried. Make sure you toss your swatch in the washer/dryer. Cotton often times shrinks vertically and stretches horizontally. (Perhaps fit isn’t a major issue on this project.) Also, if you’re not worked with cotton before, it has no elasticity so can be tiring on the hands and present its own challenges in how it works up.


I’ve worked with cotton yarn before and it stretches a little when worn, but goes back to the knit size after washing and drying. I think using the larger needle size will make up for it not being so stretchy; it doesn’t bother me when I use it.

Just wanted to chime in here because I have made that sweater (the blue vesion of the pattern). I think the sizing runs small. I did not compare the stitch counts for the two patterns, just wanted to let you know about the sizing.

Candicane, that is excellent to know! My 15 month old is barely in 18 months clothes, and I was making the size 2T for him

After all your wonderful advice, I think i"m going to simply measure my son, and use the idea of the split neck and make it to my measurements. Luckily, I’ve already been using some Lion cotton for a dishcloth, so I should be able to quickly grab one and see how it washed up (cheat to win!) rather than wash this swatch (which has already morphed from a swatch into the first sleeve - bad me!).

I promise before I make a more fitted sweater for my dd, I will do a proper swatch, knitter’s honor!