Very depressed :(

im so so sad! i sprained/possibly broke my wrist and am not going to be able to knit for at least 3 weeks :frowning: what am i gunna do!

Ouch, bummer! How about reading books you’ve been wanting to read and maybe some knitting books, too.

good news! its not broken! just a really bad sprain…have to wear the splint for about 3 weeks!

Ooooh, sorry to hear that. If it were me, I’d be watching movies, catching up on my massive to-be-read book stack, or spending all of my time on the internet stockpiling patterns I want to do when my wrist is better.

Glad to hear it is only a sprain!! You’ll be on the needles in no time. :thumbsup:

You make it sound like we’re heroin/knitting addicts. Back on the needles in no time.

Me too! Sprained my left wrist overdoing it in the garden and with a lawnmower over rough terrain. So you have a companion-in-pain (and knitting withdrawals)

but today I bought a good wrist brace, wore it all day. It’s my left wrist and I’m right-handed, so I’ve been trying gently to knit anyways, and as long as I can move my fingers without pain, I’ll keep on knitting.

Good luck with yours!

i am a knitting addict! lol! :knitting: the splint they have me in goes clear up under my fingers :frowning: i tried knitting on a scarf last night…took me a good 10 min for about 6 stitches…im hoping by next week i can start wearing a normal brace!

You could use some of the time to watch knitting videos (Youtube, etc.) and read blogs to learn lots of new things. Save the good stuff for later use.

Time for a visit to the library, to borrow everything ever written by the Yarn Harlot, and don’t forget her blog! :mrgreen:

I feel so bad 4 u!! I don’t know what I would do if i couldn’t finish the baby blanket I am working on!

I hope your wrist feels better

When It does…DO A HAPPY DANCE!:blooby: :blooby: :blooby: :blooby: :blooby: