Very confusing pattern! English is translated horribly

Hello! I purchased a pattern off etsy that claimed to be crocheting but once I got it, I noticed that it is mostly knitting.
The translation is awful, and the diagram is extremely confusing.
I have the pattern in my email as a pdf file so could someone possibly shoot me an email so I can forward it?

Thank you!!!

I hesitate to accept emails or open files from someone I don’t know or didn’t solicit. You may have to just write this one off as a bad deal and move on. It happens.

Another thing would be to contact the seller. If they’re the designer maybe they can clarify it for you.

You can also check on Ravelry and see if someone else has done the pattern that may be able to help. Ravelry is a free website.

I tried. She can hardly speak English…

I’ll try that, thanks!

I tried…She can hardly speak English.

Did you say what language it is?

go back to Ravelry - there are forums for helping with translations. I don’t know them off hand, but a search of the Forums should find them.

The big one is called Excuse Me, and I’m sure there’s others for specific languages.