Very confused!

Hi, Im completely new to knitting and have started sirdar pattern #1944. Until now its all gone ok, but I am very confused with the left front. Wonder if anyone can decipher the pattern for me as Im totally confused. The first few rows are fine just rib then it goes onto a pattern panel of 12 rows.

I have done the 12 rows but then I dont understand the next instructions
[B][I]'from 1st to 12th row sets position of st-st with patt panel **.
Keeping continuity of st-st with patt panel work 14 rows.[/I][/B]

after than it goes onto Shape Raglan
[I][B]1st row Cast off 3 sts, patt to end. 20 sts.[/B][/I]

Is this suggesting that I do the pattern 14 times (this would make the garment really long!) and on the shape raglan what pattern? its only 1 row?

If anyone can shine any light on this is would be great, as quite excited that I have got this far.
Thanks in advance

Cute pattern.

The first 12 rows show you where the eyelet pattern goes and which stitches are in stockinette (that’s setting the pattern). The instructions want you to maintain this placement over the next 14 rows. Sounds like you’ll be repeating rows 1-12 and then working rows 1 and 2 again.

Shaping the raglan [I]begins[/I] with the cast off of 3 stitches but it will continue with a decrease on every other row or some number of rows. While you’re decreasing at the armhole edge, continue the placement of the eyelet pattern so that it lines up with previous rows.

Thanks for replying so quickly - that makes sense for the pattern panel.

Still a bit confused with the shape raglan. Casting off 3 sts is fine, but patt to end - does this mean I would continue as if on the 3rd row of the previous 12 rows of pattern panel which is a knit row? Sorry, think Im making this harder than it actually is?

Just dont want to try it out and not get it right as a bit rubbish at fixing mistakes!.

Yes, bind off 3 sts and continue with stockinette and then the eyelet pattern as you would on row 3. You won’t be able to knit the same number of stockinette sts of course because you’ve bound off 3 sts. That’s why you just want to make sure the eyelet pattern lines up with previous rows.
It’s always a little strange the first time through but it sounds like you’re doing very well.

Thanks so much, a great help. Feeling confident to move on with it now. So glad to have found this site.