Very confused

I’m knitting a cardigan with a round neckline and I’m now stuck can someone please tell me how to understand this pattern?
Join raglan seams. With rs facing using 4mm needles pick up and knit 6 [7:9:10:11:11:13] sts evenly along right side of neck (this bit I understand)
6 [6:6:7:7:9] sts from 9 [9:9:11:11:13] cadt off sts at top of right sleeve, 11 [13:15:17:19:19] sts from 15 [17:19:21:23:23] cast off sts at back of neck, 6 [6:6:7:7:9] sts from 9 [9:9:11:11:13] cast off sts at top of left sleeve and 6 [7:9:10:11:11] sts evenly along left side of neck. This bit has totaly confused me please help.
Thank you Kirsty x

Welcome to Knitting Help!
When you seam up the raglan edges to join the sleeves to the fronts and back of the sweater, the top of the sleede will form part of the neckline
The instructions want you to pick up sts around this neckline starting at the right side of the neck and continuing on the top of the right sleeve (the cast off edge), the back, the left sleeve top edge and around along the left front. You’ll end up with sts picked up all around the neckline for the collar.