Very confused!

Hi…can anyone help me understand these instructions from the book, “itty-bitty toys”?
I start out with cast on 4 sts. I increase until 12 sts. I then start decreasing until I have 4 sts again.
Here is the confusing part…
Knit the 4 sts on the needle, then on the same needle pick up 10 sts, on a second double-pointed needle pick up 14 sts. (14 sts per needle, 42 sts total)
What I don’t understand is how do I pick up 10 sts, etc when there are only 4 sts on the needle…
I’m not too knitting savvy…lol…so please could you explain it like I’m a beginner?? LOL Thanks!:muah:

It sounds like you’re going to pick up 10 stitches down the side of the piece with the needle that is holding the 4 stitches.

Then, with another needle, you’ll pick up 14 along the next side, and, in order to get to 42, you’ll pick up another 14 up along the 3rd side.

Thank you very much Ingrid…I must have been having a DUH moment…LOL…Of course that is what I have to do!! I was reading through the pattern before I started knitting and I panicked :aww: …I just didn’t visualize…So, thank you for being my brain for a few minutes (scary for you…LOL)!!!