Very confused - as usual

Found another xmas present to make.
Im confused - do you seam up the side after its completed?
The woman that wrote this said the jog looks like a seam.
im so confused. Also because if you do join in the round, how do you switch needle size?

The hat is knit in the round so there is no seam. To change needle sizes just start knitting with the larger needle at the beginning of the round after knitting 15 garter ridges.

Argh!!! Lost my entire post. Well, GG gave you the short version of what I said. If you have more questions just ask. :thumbsup:

:hair: I hate when that happens. My version is probably too short. :shrug: You may need to try again.


It’s not seamed. Garter stitch in the round creates a “jog”, but I wouldn’t worry about it. That bit of jog is not that noticeable and looks better than a seam IMO.

To switch needle size you can either slip the stitches onto the new needle and then knit OR you can just start knitting with the new size needles. When you get to the end the old needles won’t have stitches on them.