Very confused about what went wrong with my first sweater

I just finished my very first sweater, and it is copmpletely the wrong size in every way! Yes, I did check my gauge way back in the begining. The length of the sweater is now 21 inches, but I measured it, both the front and back, at least twice and it measured 23 inches beforeI finished it. The sleeves now measure 24 inches long instead of 21 inches. I also measured them at least 2 times. By the way when I measured them I laid them flat on a table, made sure they were the right length then picked them up and laid them back down and measured them again. THis sweater was suppose to be a gift for my SIL for Christmas and I tried really hard to make sure it was perfect, but it is not now that it is done!

Can someone please tell me what I might have done wrong. I feel like I have just wasted alot of my time and effort!:wall: :hair:

What kind of yarn did you use?And can you post a picture of it?It would help us help you with more information on sweater.

Sometimes you can block the sweater into the right shape. Here’s how:

I always used my mother’s ironing board, much to her disgust. So pin the sweater [half the sweater at a time] edges to the board - this means stick a straight pin through the edge of the sweater through the ironingboard cover. Space these pins about 1/2" to 1" apart, making sure that the sweater measurements are what you want them to be - this may mean pulling or stretching or bunching a bit. Then wet a linen or cotton woven dishtowel and put it over the pinned part of your sweater. Press on top of the wet towel with a steam iron, just enough to “set” the sweater beneath.

Remove the pins, repeat the above with the other half of the sweater. Then lay the newly-blocked and damp-hot sweater out on a smooth surface [I used the top of our chest freezer] and let it dry/cool overnight - again, make sure you have it in the measurements you want.

Good luck! And good for you for even finishing such a project - before Christmas, too!


Unfortunately, I used acrylic yarn so I don’t think I can block it. The yarn is Bernat Softee Chunky.
I can’t post a picture #1 I don’t know how and #2 I don’t have digital camera.
I went back today and discovered my gauge change some where during the sweater . Is there anything I can do to avoid this from happening again

It can happen that as you settle in to knitting a large project you relax and so does your gauge. Most people have more tension in their swatch or when they first cast on, because they’re determined to get it right' or learn the pattern. After it becomes familiar the tension can loosen up. So what you can do is knit on something meaningless for a few minutes, get a rhythm going, then switch over to a swatch. Sort ofwarming up’ your knitting.

What I do is while knitting the actual project I will take a gauge measurement off and on just to make sure I am still on track. In other words, after I make the initial swatch and I start knitting my project I will stop after a bit and measure (say I am on the sleeves) the sleeves again to see if I am still on gauge.

Great tip suzeeq! :thumbsup: I will remember that one. Very good!

Suzeeq is a SMART one! :wink:

Sorry about your sweater, mkkl19. :pout:

Wasn’t my idea, I don’t have a problem generally. Read it somewhere…

It may also be that the chunky yarn is pretty heavy and the weight of the sweater lengthened/stretched it out a bit. Thats happened to me before.

That happens, yes. Though it wouldn’t explain how her body is shorter than it was…

Always use the SAME tape measure when measuring because they can stretch out after a lot of use.I always ues a clear plastic ruler or Yard stick to measure my projects.My grandma’s rule of thumb.