Vertigo finally got off her butt

Well I finally got my blog up and running. I’ve been planning on starting it for months but being on break from school i really don’t want to look at any html code right now. it’s kinda boring at the moment, but it’ll get there.

Nice blog Candace. One of these days…I’m going to do one. Just don’t know how to get started.

BTW, your birthday is the same day as my wedding anniversary, only I was married for 8 years when you were born.

Way to go! Love the shorty, debating starting one myself. Looks great on you and it was a great first post.

I love that Shetland Shorty on you!


Way to get started Candace! Oh, poor you, working for S&S!! (LOL - I worked for years for a food broker on the S&S team!)