Vertical stripes on round loom

I found this on Pinterest
The link doesn’t lead to the right place and I can’t find anything online that is similar… I really like the look of the popped vertical stitches but HOW do they do that?! It doesn’t even look striped inbetween the stitches??

Did you google it? I got a lot of hits. The reason I’m suggesting it is because most people here hand knit with two needles. There’s a few who have or know looms so if you’re not in a hurry you may get answers eventually.

Of course I googled it, I even tried reverse image search. I can figure out how to do vertical stripes but not like this, they are wrapping every peg… I figured this is mostly knitting needles but I wasn’t sure where else to go XD! My only other idea was to go to local yarn shops, some have crochet classes? Maybe someone there could help me, but then maybe it’s all the same…

What exactly did you google?

For the record THIS is NOT what I’m trying to achieve, which I already know how to do; wrap every other peg. The person in the photo wraps every peg.

So you just want to learn a new technique? I can understand that. I knit with two needles and there are multiple ways to achieve similar results in a lot of things. Sorry I don’t know the answer. Hopefully someone else will.

I searched “vertical stripes on round loom”. Sorry if I offended you, but not everyone who comes in here searches first so it was just a suggestion.

You didn’t offend me, I guess I just wasn’t clear enough in my first post. I’m honestly just glad SOMEONE said something (and so quickly!) I’m not sure how fast this forum moves, seeing as how I’m new to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Found out the stitch is called the half brioche stitch, just trying to find out how to translate this to the loom :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But if I can’t maybe I’ll just knit the thing, it wouldn’t be that difficult I don’t think? Other than I’m trying to knit in the round and my only round needles are a very tiny size ;0
Here is the stitch in regular knitting if anyone wants to see it:

Oh cool! Glad you found it and hope you can figure it out.

The cable length will be important as well possibly. The needle size may be fine if you’re going to use lace weight or something like that.