Vertical striped cardign ... help!

here’s the cardigan my 5 year old grandson has designed for me to knit for him … (this is a photoshop illustration directed by him!)

I need advice on how to do this!!!

And if you have a pattern (he’s tall so I would do a size 10) I sure would appreciate any ideas. As you can see he wants a ton of graduating colors.

I’ve already assumed I can’t make this happen by his May birthday but do want to shoot for Xmas.

Perplexed Nana in Vermont!:muah:

If you knit top or bottom down you will have to use intarsia which means you have a separate yarn for each color. :zombie:

are there any videos showing this technique? I’m a good BASIC knitter but not a professional.

At the top of the page click videos and then advanced techniques. You will have many more strands than she does, but it shows you how.

Yes, intarsia will work for this sweater. The other possibility is to knit it side to side. You could knit from the left front, across the back to the right front. You’d have to knit the sleeves separately and also knit them side to side. The advantage is that you would only have to work with one yarn color at a time. This pattern might get you started:

Very creative design from your grandson by the way.

  1. Knit top-down or bottom-up using intarsia.

  2. Knit side-to-side using stripes.