Vertical drop stitch in the round

Hello all,

I was wondering if there’s a way to knit vertical drop stitches in the round. Usually you get vertical drop stitches when you knit flat and horizontal when in the round, but i’m looking for a vertical aesthetic. Is this possible? If so, how.

If you want a verticle ladder, dropping a st off the needle and letting it run down will give you a vertical ladder. That’ll work in the round or flat.
If you mean a drop st where you wrap the yarn around the needle on one round and then let the wraps slip off the needle on the next round, that’ll give you long sts or a kind of horizontal ladder. That should work in the round too with a slight jog where the round ends and the next begins.

I want to wrap the yarn around the needle but I don’t want to end up with a horizontal effect. i want a vertical drop stitch in the round.

Like a lader you mean, similar to a run in a stocking? Then you would make a YO every few sts - like 3 to 10 apart and just knit the new stitch. When you’ve done several rows or as long as you want the ladder to be, drop the extra stitch and let it unravel down to the YO. Or if you want it all the way to the CO edge, you don’t even need to yo, just drop the st.

If you want to wrap each st 2 or more times and drop off the extra loops, that’s always going to make the loose sts more horizontal.