Vertical double decrease

Hi, I have just starting knitting and I love it, even though I am having to start over and over and over again. I am now a whizz at casting on. So I decided to knit a jumper, I have learnt what YO is and a vertical double decrease… well I think I have. Here is what the pattern says:

Vertical dble dec: with a group of 3 sts, sl 1st and 2nd st tog knitwise, replace 1st of these 2 sts on left needle by passing behind 2nd st, knit tog 3rd and 1st sts, then pass 2nd st over st obtained

So, I slip 2 stitches together from my left needle straight on to my right needle, knit the next stitch as normal. Then using my left needle, hook the two slipped stitches over the top of my knitted stitch and let it go.

Is this the completed action?

The pattern is called Phil Nuage 07 Sweater
N° 652 - T16 - 031

Welcome to KnittingHelp and to knitting!
The instructions seem overly complicated for a centered double decrease but your method will work nicely. Be sure to slip the 2 sts knitwise together.

You’re making wonderful progress with knitting from yarn overs to centered double decreases, impressive.

Thank you! It feels great to create something and learn new things.
The patterns is very confusing as it shows 15 stitches on the pattern but you start with casting on 17. There’re two YO stitches and the double decrease. When you add this up it doesn’t equal the total amount of cast on stitches. I am short of about 9 stitches. I am going to start (again) with more stitches.

It does feel amazing to actually make something much less something wearable. Wonderful.
What is the name of your pattern and the designer?
If a row or a couple of rows have 2 YO and a double decrease the stitch count should stay the same: 2 increases and 2 decreased sts.
Here’s a video for a lifeline. It’s good to have a cast on down pat but you need not go back to square one each time.

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Here is the link to Hobbycraft where I found the pattern

It says I need to cast on 105 stitches but I think that is wrong. I think I need more.

Very nice looking. Why do you think you need more sts cast on?
ETA: Ah, I see the 17sts. That’s the number of sts/4inches when you knit your gauge swatch. That’ll tell you what needle size to use for your tension. Everyone’s tension is slightly different and can be adjusted by changing needle size or sometimes needle composition. Cast on at least 19sts and work the first 19sts of the chart starting at the lower right corner. Continue with at least the first 24 rows of the chart.

The largest size has a cast on of 115sts. Will that work?

So, the pattern says 15 stitches.
And the stitches as follows
2 x knit
4 x knit
Vertical double decrease with 3 stitches as stated in previous messages
4 x knit
2 x knit

With 15 cast on stitches you won’t have enough for the last 2 knit

That sequence, row one of the pattern repeat takes 15sts and leaves you with 15sts after you’ve completed the row. Remember that a YO doesn’t use up a stitch. Bring the yarn forward between the needles then over the right hand needle to the back. That’s it, YO completed and you’re ready to proceed with the next knit sts, the k4.

Salmonmac you are a star! Thank-you. I was putting an extra knit after pulling the the yarn between the needles. Totally misinterpreted the videos on how to to YO.

It’s not you. It’s the videos. I’ve watched them and they inevitably include the next knit stitch. It’s very confusing and not easy to find a video that quits without that pesky knit stitch. Enjoy working this lovely pattern and come back with any questions or comments.