Verbena wrap

I’m making this wrap from Tahki stacy Charles. It has a slit in it . You have to divide the stitches, put them on stitch holder and then work each side individually- I get that. But at no point does it say break yarn. Is that implied? How can you knit 2 pieces and not break the yarn?

Yes, at some point you will have to break the yarn–when you start the second half. Maybe the pattern writer just assumed that when you got to that point you’d have no choice or you’d end up with something really wonky. :teehee:

Then do it. Whenever something makes sense to you in a pattern, that’s usually what you need to do, even if it doesn’t say so. You’d need to work on the other side with a separate strand, but that doesn’t mean you actually have to cut the first strand. You could read ahead in the pattern though, to see if it mentions that you need to use the original strand of yarn later.