Vent - The State of My Stash

My MIL and SIL are spending Easter weekend with us. They are both heavy smokers, so all their belongings positively reek of stale cigarette smoke.

Guess where they are keeping all their belongings, so they will be “out of the way.” :hair:


I can honestly say that it does make sense that they would put their stuff out of the way in that room…it is the best place for it. But I wish I had thought about that and moved my yarn out of there beforehand. :oops:

Every time I walk past that room I can smell the smoke. They will be leaving tomorrow, so I can start on airing out my stash and hoping for the best. If it’s all ruined, well… :figureditout: I guess I’ll have a good excuse for replacing my stash.

I am sure the smell will go soon . Maybe use some fabreze that tends to neutralize most things .
Good luck :slight_smile:

Febreze should take care of the problem. My grandmother was a heavy smoker and when she passed away we got her rocking chair. It was an upholstered chair so it absorbed smoke for years and years. Not being a smoker myself I couldn’t stand to have it in the house so I bought some Febreze and sprayed it and let it dry a couple times and the odor was completely gone. I was actually very surprised because I thought we’d have to reupholster it, but it was fine. It’s worth a try to save your stash…and anything else that was in the house that now reeks. :wink:

Yes, Febreze for the yarn and Oust for the air. I swear by that stuff!