Velvetspun Baby Hat with Top Knot

Here is one of the baby hats I’ve knit with Lion Brand Velvetspun yarn. That yarn is so soft and thick - just lovely to work with.

Here’s a link to the free pattern:

cute cute cute!!! :slight_smile: Who will be the lucky recipent?? :slight_smile:

Sooo adorable! Yours looks better than the one in the pattern link!

Thanks! I can’t decide what I’m going to do with this hat, because I don’t have a baby boy among my family and friends. I just wanted to try the pattern because I love the yarn. I’ve already made a scarf for myself in garter stitch, and it looks like rows and rows of pussywillows! I’ll probably end up giving the baby hat to Charlotte Threads of Love.

I think I’ll buy some more Velvetspun yarn in Pink, and make one for my granddaughter!

These are just beautiful! That hat looks like it knitted up very quickly, which is nice! Great job!

It DOES look like pussywillows!!!

wish mom didn’t live in AZ…I can’t do warm weather knitting for her…:frowning:

i made 2 baby hats out of that and HATED the yarn, so much so, that i threw the hats away instead of giving them to the intended babies

the yarn just shed and shed and shed and shed while knitting and it would NOT STOP shedding - i didn’t think it would be wise to give it to a baby if it was going to keep shedding

yours doesn’t look like it was shedding at all

i guess i got a bad batch :??

Very nice!! And it looks sooo soft!

Soooo sweet!

Poor Jelly…

It sounds like you got a bad skein! I had the same problem at the end of the skein when I was cutting the yarn, so I put a tiny bit of glue on the end of the yarn to keep it from fraying. That fixed the problem.

Awww that’s cute! :heart:

I have had a terrible problem knitting a baby hat with velvetspun. I have started this hat about 4 times and ripped it out. The edge has no stretch. I have tried knitted cast on and long tail, used larger needles for the cast on and nothing helps. I bought this as a kit from LB for a hat and cardigan. I wasted my money.

Very nice! If this is a doll, then is this hat for a preemie!

It’s adorable!!

That’s so cute! It looks very warm and soft.

Very cute Sandy! Looks SOOO soft!