Veggie garden update/photos

gorgeous little pumpkins! hopefully, we’ll get enough pumpkins for each of the grandkids to get one!

I’ve decided that there really is no GOOD way to take a picture of zucchini. No matter what angle you shoot at, it just looks WRONG! LOL! But, we’re getting TONS of little zucchinis as you can see!

little baby butternut squash!

FINALLY getting a few tomatoes! (still no peppers) what a rough year it’s been for tomatoes!

Zucchini… :roflhard: You’re right!

Everything looks yummy!

Ohhhh yummy!!! My tomatoes are just now coming in too.

Those squash blossoms look yummy too - they’re great in stir fry.

Yummy! Make sure to make some squash blossom soup with some of those flors de calabacita


Hi How did the Topsy Turvy do? Many tomatoes? My tomatoes didn’t do good this year. I’m sure it was the gardener though!:teehee:

Melanie, don’t blame yourself. Doesn’t seem like many got good tomatoes this year. Don’t know why, except here, we had a late summer, and not enough early heat.

I’ve only had about twentyfive so far. They’ll probably all pop out just before the first frost.

So wish I could grow stuff but ALWAYS end up killing it! Tried this year… next year will try for a second time!

Oh, no! I doubt it was the gardener at all! My tomatoes didn’t do very well this year, either. Although, the ones in the raised beds did VASTLY better than the topsy turvey one! I don’t know exactly where we went wrong with that… On a drive down to pick up my son from his baby-momma’s house, we noticed that one of her neighbors has 4 of them hanging up - all were doing better than ours! Perhaps it is the gardener after all! LOL! :teehee:

OH MY GOODNESS. Random thought, I just caught the new profile picture you posted MoniDew and WOW what a difference!!! I am so impressed! I wish I had the self discipline to lose weight and keep it off! You look great. Just had to throw in that little tidbit!

Looks like a productive year for you. Great pictures.
I am getting tired of harvesting my garden. We’ve had a good tomato year here in eastern Wa. I got my first ripe tomato in June, I usually don’t get any until Aug. I just processed a batch into the freezer as well as broccoli and strawberries. I hope to start getting to the corn tomorrow. I’m so sick of eating produce. I had cantaloupe for dinner tonight and watermelon yesterday. I’m sick of cucumbers and onions in vinegar. I am so grateful to be able to complain about a surplus of food instead of otherwise.
I hope your garden gets your kitchen overflowing with bounty as well.

not yet being a plant goddess myself, it really wasn’t too productive a year! the squash borers got my crop just as I was beginning to harvest. I managed one pumpkin, one butternut, and three zucchinis, but that’s all!
I did get a good crop of lettuce and herbs, without much bug damage, but all my broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, etc were a cabbage moth festival. UGH! EVERYTHING I picked was covered in bugs! It was so disheartening! Tomatoes, as I said before, was a tough year. Not very many even though I planted 9 vines. I’ve yet to have a good tomato salad, tomato sandwich, or tomato soup out of them.
It’s a first year garden, and that never goes very well. I have to wait for the ecosystem to balance itself out. Once the birds find the bugfest, it should even itself out.
I do thank you for your very kind, warm wishes for a bountiful harvest. It just touched my heart so! THANK YOU!