Vegan yarn sub for kitty hat?

I want to make my vegan friend the kitty hat in SnB. So I need a yarn sub that doesn’t include any wool, silk, etc. Any suggestions?

Cheaper acrylic is ok, having in machine washable is good thing!

I don’t know what type of yarn it calls for but have you thought about an organic cotton or a bamboo yarn? Those might be good options.

the pattern calls for worseted weight wool. I thought about those 2 yarns you mentioned, but she wants it in black and those yarns are usually out of my price range.

Check here for great internet specials on pricier yarns…

I love, love knitting with bamboo and soysilk :thumbsup:

i really think I’m going to have to give the bamboo a try!

SWTC also has a new corn based yarn. Pretty cool!

:smiley: Hey, Kemp…when are u gonna get the corn yarn? Isn’t it being released in the fall…or sooner?!

in 2 weeks baby! One of the corn containers is 2 wks behind their other ones and of course the colors I ordered are in that one. I’m so excited to finally be getting SWTC stuff!