Vegan Fox Pattern: Please Help

So, I’m working on the well-known Vegan Fox pattern that is from (link to pattern here). However, I’m a bit confused. For the body it says:

Row 1: k3 tog 6 times, p1 [7 st total]
Row 2: p1, inc1 6 times, p1 [13 st]
Row 3: p13
Row 4: k1, inc1, k11, inc1, p1.
Row 5: p15

But this switches the knit and purl sides. I’m wondering if this is intentional or a pattern error. It seems like an error to me, but I haven’t found a correction or mention of error online anywhere and the pattern has been around for awhile.

Thanks for any help!

I’ve gone to the pattern page, read it and re-read it at the same time trying to visualize it and I don’t get it either!
I would try contacting the designer at the end of that pattern.
Sorry I wasn’t able to help very much. :think:

I e-mailed the designer several days ago but still haven’t received a response. I hope she still uses the same e-mail address. :confused: Thanks for taking a look at the pattern.