Various WIP's

Here are the projects that were mainly completed this past month. That is in the last 30 days.

The white cable project is my slowest project going since I only knit on it after I’ve knit something else to get my tension correct. And I have to be able to do at least 8 rows or more to keep my place right. But it is the front of a vest and this section is basically 3/4’s finished. I plan to have it done by the end of October so I need to work on it more.

But the kid’s sweaters come first!

In this next shot I’ve tried to show you why sometimes it is important to get your RS/WS correct for casting on. This is a long tail cast on and the Ribbing was started on the second row. By doing this, when following the pattern you can see how the inner cables came nicely of the ribbing and it looks very tidy.

Here is the Baby Bolero from the One Skein Book:

And here is the Double Moss sweater I am working on for my DD. The gray sweater above is for my DS and is all knitted but needs making up.

The Back: I like how it is almost argyle looking…

The Front

Hopefully that has worked. I am somewhat apologetic about the picture quality. I just installed the hardware on the computer and seem to have neglected installing an important editing program. Its the only one I know how to use.

I love them all. The bolero is extremely beautiful.

Great work!

:woohoo:Beautiful work! Love the baby bolero–I have the one skein book-I’ll have to try that one! Your cable project is FANTASTIC!!!:yay: Great idea about the cast on/ribbing–I’m gonna steal it!:mrgreen:

Hey is that your floor, or do you have a gorgeous big wooden table to work on?

:slight_smile: That is my floor, but my Grandfather sold me his table and I also have a very large beautiful wooden table to work on as well. But then I’d have to stand on a chair to take the pictures.

Thanks for the compliments. :muah:

I just wanted to say I was not the most fond of how she did the ribbing on that Baby Bolero. Not fond at all.

It does look cute but… I find it a bit… off… I can’t put my finger on it other than she has too many sts picked up for the space given. And I did knit it to her specifications.

But it is a great knit and knits up fast. It took me about 6 hours of knitting.

Everything looks great can’t wait to see everything done.

It look wonderful!! :blooby:

Wow! You’ve got a lot done! I love the colorway on the pink sweater – what yarn is that? I can’t wait to see pics of the FO’s (perhaps modeled by their recipients?)

Wow! What nice work! :notworthy: I just love that little baby sweater thing! Is the pattern somewhere I can get it, or do I need to purchase a book?
I’d love to try and knit it for my new grand babies. (I have recently been blessed with 2 grand babies, both boys).

Wow, you’ve been busy! Everything is looking really good. :yay:

Thank you so much!

Okay… the pink… well, here is my confession, I live very close to the factory that makes Patons, Bernat, Lily, Sugar Cone, and so many more yarns. I went to the tent sale and… it was 10 cents a pound.

It is an experimental colour ways that my daughter is just in love with. So my apologies but you can’t buy it.

The Bolero is in this book: One Skein by Leigh Radford (clickable link)