Various ways to bind off on the purl side

I had once taken a knitting class where the instructor showed us an alternate way to bind off on the knit side. It involved putting both stitches back on one needle, but i can’t remember anything else.

Does anyone know an easier way to bind off on the purl side?

Could it have been p2tog, put the st back on the left needle and repeat? I’ve never tried that, but have read about it. I just BO in purl the regular way.

I’ve done a P2tog (or k2tog), put the stitch from the right needle back on the left needle, P2tog again, put the stitch from R needle back to L needle ~ keep repeating this until you’re down to 1 stitch and finish off. I find this bind-off more elastic.

This is the only way I know of where you slip the stitches back on the left needle, but there are probably other ways.