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Diamond Knit Shawl pattern

wow - great job on everything!!!

you do beautiful work. =)

Love them all!

:happydance: Pretty sweater, great work on the shawl!

Everything is so beautiful! Great Job!

my 2 year old son was sitting in my lap when I looked at your pictures and he said"oh, pretty" do you think he spends to much time with mom or what?

OMGoodness, you have been busy :smiley: Love, love everything :smiley:

Love them all, especially the sweater! :inlove:

My 9 year old second son has always loved pretty fabrics - whenever I wear something new he always has to run his hands up and down the clothes to see how they feel.

He’s quite artistic too and has a very good eye for colour and style - I always take him clothes shopping with me because he is truthful about whether or not something suits me and is very definite about it if it doesn’t :shock:

But best of all - if I ask him “which do you think - this one, or this one?” he tends to say “can’t you buy both?”.

Now that’s what I call a real man!

BTW His daddy is very good a picking out clothes for me too so I suppose he gets it from him.

So, No - your son is definitely not spending too much time with Mum - us mothers of sons have a moral duty to raise them to be considerate, good shopping husbands/partners I think :wink:

How did you feel about the homespun? I’m making a blanket out of it right now, and, well…

Your stuff looks awesome. Great job!


Your work is amazing!!!

Yea, that!! Impressive.

Beautiful stuff!

Thanks for the compliments! :oops:

Well, the cardigan was actually done back in early 2005 and the shawl and scarf took about two weeks around last Christmas and New Years, so the knitting load was spread out. :wink: Pictures are just being posted all at once since I had to borrow a camera and then find time to resize and post them. :smiley:

I’m in the minority on this forum, but I actually like Homespun. I knit English with my yarn held between my thumb and forefinger and don’t have much of a problem with it bunching. I have recently been experimenting with the wrapping the yarn around my fingers method, and while it works great for smoother yarns, I can’t do it with the Homespun. That being said, I probably wouldn’t make a sweater out of it, but for things like hats, scarves, shawls, ponchos, and blankets I like the texture and softness of the Homespun.

Your things are just lovely! :smiley:

I’m in that minority group that likes Homespun, too. I knit several long and wide scarves out of it for Christmas presents. Using large needles, they knit up so quickly, and I didn’t have any problems knitting with it. I love the soft squishy feel of the finished products, and the colors are so rich. :slight_smile:

I absolutely love that sweater!! Beautiful work!! :cheering:

:inlove: love everything esp. the shawl so pretty!!! also saw your sweater posted below :inlove: gorgeous!! :thumbsup: