Variegated yarn headache!

Hi there!
I’ve recently started a simple rectangle sloppy jumper. No pattern, just winging it!
My problem is I’ve chosen variegated yarn. I’m very happy with the way the ‘pattern’ has panned out on the first side, keeping fairly even, even after needing to start a second skein. However, after starting the second side, the back, with a fresh skein, I just cannot get the ‘pattern’ to look the same, even after starting at the same point on the yarn. I’m getting pooling that looks ok, but just doesn’t match the front! Obviously using variegated yarn, I’m not over fussed about the ‘pattern’, but this looks so different! After frogging the first time, I checked the dyes lined up on the skeins, and they do. I’m at a bit of a loss now! I really don’t want to have to frog again! Could it be tension when casting on?
Thanks in advance for any ideas!

It might be the cast on tension, but it can also be your tension as you’re working, and perhaps even small variations in where the colour changes. I found this, which might be useful for you:

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