Variations on 2-stitch ribs

Just starting a simple Aran for which I have written pattern, using a basic cardigan which fits me well for sizing, and general instructions. I want a two stitch separator between panels. This 2-stitch something will have 2 purls on each side to set it off. The question is whether these are all the same instruction: (1) from E. Zimmermann: F tw and B tw, and (2) C2F and C2B. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing a video of these being done, especially the one done in the back of the stitches. HELP!

I don’t know about the Zimmerman twists. I have seen twists written in patterns both as a true cable, where you hold one stitch off the work front or back. And also as mock cables, where both stitches stay on the needle. Here is a picture of mock cables worked over 3 stitches. But you can also do them over 2 stitches instead.

I’d try them both out on the yarn & pick whichever looks best. Sometimes true cables that narrow get lost in the pattern for me, depending on the yarn.

Abby, I plan to use pairs of this narrow 2-st. rib to bracket larger panels of Aran patterning. One of those patterns is a 14- stitch diamond pattern with seed stitch infill, the other is a 12-stitch wishbone cable which also has some seed stitch within it. Each of those will be separated and bracketed by this: 2 sts reverse stockinette, the 2-stitch cable/rib, 2 more sts reverse stockinette. I think the 2 st- rib is just right scale-wise for the two larger Aran patterns.

I think I’m looking for a two row repeat using 2 sts., not 3. Thank you for responding!

There are a number of methods for doing a two stitch cable, some of which involve knitting one or both of the stitches a second time. Whether they dlook different can depend on your yarn/needle combination. Swatching is your only answer; unless you have used that stitch, needle,yarn combination before.