Variation on a Theme (for Amy)

Amy, thanks for posting your elongated scarf pattern! I started to work on it with a fuzzy kind of yarn but realised it would be too fragile if I elongated the entire way.

So, I did three 3-wrap sections, then did a 2-wrap section followed by a 1-wrap section. Then I garter stitched to nearly my desired length and reversed the pattern (1-wrap, 2-wrap and then three 3-wrap sections).

It looks really great and I was wondering if I could then name the pattern/scarf after you! (I name my own designs for when I sell them).

Now, if you don’t want me to sell it, that’s great I don’t mind! If you don’t mind however, I’d love to name the Scarf ‘Amy’ in your honour. Please let me know what you think!

(I’ll be posting it on my blog tonight or tomorrow if you want to have a look)

Egeria, how incredibly thoughtful of you! I’d be absolutely honored!!!

What a sweet-heart you are! :smiley:


Thank you so much! I’m having trouble taking a decent picture of the scarf so I haven’t posted a pic yet. But the girls at work think it’s beautiful and one already asked me if she could have one!

I’m gonna go play with my camera and see if I can’t get a shot!

This is great! Don’t you just love knitting?!