Vanna's Hooded Pullover

am new to the forum and not sure you are responding to my question about knitting the hood onto the hooded sweater its a free pattern from lion brand “vannas hooded sweater” #7021

not sure if i’m going to the back or the front and leaving the 8 center sts free and the 2nd row am i also leaving these sts free? thank you so much

not sure how your forum works trying to do hood on lion brand free patterns vannas hooded sweater 70217a. in a comment someone said you must attach the front and back @ shoulders then commence to pickup 40 sts around the neck beginning @ RS leaving 8 sts free in center and then row 2 is purl with increasing 14 sts evenly - do i knit in the back and leave row 1 8 sts free in center and row 2 leave open or do it knit in front? very confused

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
Yes, you want to leave the front, center sts, 8sts for the smallest size open. This forms the front opening of the hood which will frame the face.
Join the front and back at the shoulders and start picking up sts at the right side of the neck, around the back and down the left side of the neck, leaving the front center 8sts open. Turn at the end of the row and purl back on the same 40sts and do the specified number of increases at the same time. From now on you’ll be working back and forth in stockinette stitch.
Here’s a link to this very cute pattern: