Vancouver BC or area?

I live in Surrey, BC and would love to meet other knitters in the area, mostly as an excuse to have a friend to go to Starbucks with … :teehee: .


I’m a knitter who recently picked it up again, too, and am trying to learn something more than the basic knit & purl. And I DO love Starbucks!

[color=red][b]Hi Macrina,

Gee, nice to see someone else from Surrey!! I PM’d you but it doesn’t appear in my sent items so I’m not sure if it actually went.

I met a gal last night at Blenz from another forum and she refreshed me on knitting so I can actually now do a pattern!!! … spent two hours, it was great! We plan to get together again, perhaps you’d like to join us if Starbucks is involved?


Just wanted to say HI :waving: as well!! I’m on Vancouver Island so not exactly close by, but still the same neck of the woods. :hug:

:waving: fellow LM ppl.

I’m new to knitting and live in the neck of the woods. Starbucks did someone say Starbucks??

Hi Dangles,

I’m in Surrey (Fleetwood) … I am always saying “Starbucks” … my daughter works there … I told her she works there so I can get my drinks cheaper. :teehee:

The Vancouver group has meetups several times a month … I attended the one last Sunday afternoon downtown …


Hi Toby,

I’m in the S.Surrey area. and have a SB in my area 5 min by foot :teehee:

[b]Hi Dangles,

I live near Northwood United church so am close to the one by Safeway in Fleetwood and not that far from the Guildford drive thru which is where my daughter works … hmm, maybe we should have our own meetup. :hug:


I live in Vancouver!!!

though not in Surrey. I live right by Granville Island. The Fiber arts studio there has gorgeous handspun.

Hi dreadfull

Nice to meet you … haven’t seen you post before … do you know there is a Vancouver knitting meetup? If you’d like some info, let me know … it’s terrific.


i acctually didn’t know about the meetup. I am a busy busy student, so i doubt i’d be able to make it very often, but i’d love details.

[b]Hi dreadfull,

Go to and find Vancouver Knitting Meetup … there is a message board although it’s not a real busy one like this though it’s kind of nice to see people in your own area posting … you might have to join (no fee) in order to see the calendar … they have meetups during the week, some of them may be in your area, then every second Sunday at 2 pm they have one at Bojangles Cafe on Marinaside Dr. … they all congregate on the leather sofas by the window, it’s great informal atmosphere and a lovely cafe and I think 2-3 of the gals are students … they have one upcoming on Broadway at Calhoun’s Bakery and they have a yarn swap at Bean Around The World … it’s really enjoyable and you get to meet some new knitters … I started attending a Knitting Night at Knitopia in White Rock as I am closer to there than Vancouver … I’m a real new knitter so any help I can get is most welcome!


i see you have to pay to join.
I’m a poor poor art student, so i guess this just isn’t for me.
too bad. I’ll continue to just stich and bitch with my roomates
there’s also a gathering at a LYS near my place that i might start going to.

You don’t HAVE to pay to attend the meetups, only if you want the benefits … I don’t think everyone pays … hope you can go sometime.