Valentine's Day patterns?

I know it seems a bit early, but for those of us who a) don’t have a lot of time, b) get easily distracted, or c) have a lot of people we want to make gifts for, maybe not! I was thinking it’d be a good idea to condense some Valentine’s Day-themed patterns in one thread.

Heart stitch patterns:

Edible undies (oh my):

“Olive You” knit olives (aww):

Little hearts <3

Those are just a few of the early hits I nabbed from Google. Anyone else have anything fun handy?

I found these that you didn’t:

Knitted heart

Heart dishcloth

Creme Heart Socks

Another heart dishcloth

is taking many notes on an already filled piece of paper
these all rock! thanks!
:figureditout: you inspired me to knit some more!!
:notworthy: :notworthy: i bow down to you both

I might try this sock pattern for my daughter…:heart: :heart: :heart:

I have absolutely nothing to say about that licorice thong except OUCH! Don’t tug!:rofl:

It’s more gross (in some parts) than ouch. You’d have to have a very strong stomach for that one, if you ask me! I’ll stick to reusable underwear myself, but I thought it was a funny idea.