Valentine Stitch Pattern

I have Lace Knitting To Go - the cards in a little box. I wanted to make a bookmark with the Valentine stitch pattern. It is really cute, hearts. It says cast on a multiple of 16 stitches plus 3. No problem there. I only wanted to do one repeat of the pattern though, and 19 stitches is not enough to complete the first row, as you need 35 stitches. I guess the stitch pattern is meant for larger projects. I’m kind of disappointed.

Oh, I have that box of lace patterns, too. I’m making a scarf using the Vineyard card, 2 pattern repeats wide bordered by 5 seed stitch on boths sides.

OK, I’ve got the Valentine card here - very cute hearts! Are you trying to follow the words or the chart? Since you only want one heart, I think it will be easier to follow the chart on the back of the card. The single heart starts on row 19, so start there, and just follow the chart row directions inside that bold box, row 19 - 33.

Thanks! Hadn’t even thought of that. :notworthy: